Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Efficient Macro Recorder Excel 4.0.2

  • Added: Two new commands (RowAddress & ColumnAddress).
  • Added: A new way to read and write cells value.
  • Fixed: Some grammatical errors.

Example new commands

$TempValue$=<RowAddress("B2","Down",2)>;$TempValue$ is B4.

$TempValue$=<RowAddress("C17","Up",2)>;$TempValue$ is C15.

$TempValue$=<ColumnAddress("D7","Right",3)>;$TempValue$ is G7.

$TempValue$=<ColumnAddress("H7","Left",2)>;$TempValue$ is F7.

Two ways to read and write excel cells

The first: Cursor first selected, and then read and write.


The second: Specify the cell address, read and write directly.


Supported commands: InsertFormula, AddComment, ClearComment, ReplaceRange(more to see help file)